Other Works by John Healy
  • The Conqueror - Feature film script/stage play about an 11th century knight who steals the woman he desires from a convent.
  • Heath View - Short stage/film script about Mr. Eden who's into wife swapping only he doesn't have a wife.
  • The Cappella Option - Sci-fi short story: 'The divisions of rich and poor have become more pronounced. The poor live in segregated ghettos while the rich live in virtual bliss. A world of higher learning and friendly virtual reality machines. But for the teenage rich kids this is a world of boredom. A deep space probe discovers a primitive world able to sustain human life. The Cappella option is born. It seems a solution to the world's social problems. The misfits and the undesirables will be shipped to this new world.'
  • The Glass Cage - 90 minute feature film script and novel.
  • Scare - Stage play, in development with the Mahwaff Theater Company
  • The Streets Above Us - 90 minute feature film script.
  • The Snipper -  Short film script.
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