Reviews for The Streets Above Us
  • 'He has drawn a version of London that knocks Colin Maclnnes one into the Mary Poppins league... A kind of latter day Bartholomew Fair.' Sunday Telegraph
  • 'It has an undoubted immediacy, the literary equivalent of Cinema Verite... novel of the week.' Irish Sunday Independent
  • 'He writes with telling style and has an expertly fulfilled grudge against Society. He is often witty, picturesque in his descriptions, and possesses a wicked accomplishment for portraying the obscenity of the seamier side of life.' South African Radio
  • 'For those who'd would like to put their heads above the parapet, this is probably the most accurate and entertaining picture of the strata in society we'd most like to forget.' Books
  • 'The writing has a quick witted resilient style, words lift off the page as easily as a flock of birds.' New Statesman
  • 'Life mixed with vignettes of the subculture sustained by London's underground... Present tense sting-in-the tail anecdotes.' Irish Times
  • 'The most outstanding parts of this book are undoubtedly the beautiful Bourghsian routines he builds up in and around his self portrait... He'll certainly become the truly great writer he deserves to be.' Time Out
  • 'Healy has an unusually cold but nevertheless incisive eye.' Literary Review
  • A cast of down and outs show Healy's powers of observation and ear for dialogue.' Times Literary Supplement
  • 'love it, it's extremely funny- right on the nail' Harold Pinter