Reviews for The Grass Arena
  • 'A savage masterpiece' Books
  • 'Terrific' Harold Pinter
  • 'Compels attention but it does not button-hole. It is sober and precise, grotesque, violent, sad, charming and hilarious all at once' John Kemp
  • 'The only book which even begins to evoke a real comparison in English is William Burroughs' Junkie ... Beside it, a book like Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London seems like a rather inaccurate tourist guide' Professor Colin McCabe
  • ‘An autobiographical classic’ Irish Post
  • 'Time and again one is appalled by the pleasure The Grass Arena furnishes as literature, when it is so very clearly not fiction. And this sense of the reader's dilemma as a privileged observer in a world of casual savagery that is palpably real is a troubling and thoroughly enriching one.' Literary Review
  • 'A wonderful book' Ken Loach
  • 'Stuns the reader like blows from an invisible assailant' London Review of Books
  • 'Disturbing and compellingly readable' Sunday Times
  • 'Made all the more frighteningly readable by a vivid though understated style' The Independent
  • 'Somehow he survived and emerged to tell his terrible tale superbly' Mail on Sunday
  • 'Brilliant' The Guardian
  • 'The Grass Arena - one of the most powerful books ever written about a vagrant alcoholic, perhaps the minister ought to read it.' Clive Soley, parliamentary chairman, in the House of Commons
  • 'Justifies some of the extravagant claims that have been made for it' Sunday Telegraph
Awards for the film of The Grass Arena
  • Britain: Best British Feature Film, Edinburgh Film Festival, 1991
  • Britain: Golden Globe Award for Best TV Film, 1992
  • Britain: Two BAFTA Nominations, 1992
  • USA: Special Jury Prize, San Jose Festival, 1992
  • USA: Special Jury Award, San Francisco International Festival, 1992
  • France: First Prize and Special Jury Award, Dinard International Festival
  • Germany: Special Jury Award, Wurzburg International Festival
  • Spain: First Prize, San Sebastian International Festival
  • Czech Republic: Prague D’or and Special Jury Award, International Festival
'It has caused a literary sensation' Kirsty Wark News Night review